Our Latest News

Janice Booth is a Canadian but has lived in the US for a number of years.  She is visiting Sidney to celebrate her mother’s 90th birthday.  Janice has been a Rotarian for 22 years.
Janice is the founder of the Teambuilding & Communication K.I.T.s.  She has been a leader for three national non-profits. She has a master’s degree in Leadership.  She is also an accomplished author, photographer and solo adventure traveler.  She lives near Charlotte, North Carolina.  The K.I.T. stands for knowledge, Insight, Tools.  The club members thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and learned alot about their own styles.  Please visit her website at:  www.adventurista.us
In the photos below, Janice is being thanked for her presentation by Cosmo and in the second picture, Janice and President Ian are trading club banners.
This evening, our club had the pleasure of meeting Sanni, our Claremont Secondary student, who was the successful candidate to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards weekend at Camp Quanoes on Vancouver Island.  Sanni emphasized she had a great experience.  She learned about the Rotary Polio Eradication program, as well received valuable tools on how to be a leader along with many other skills.  Sanni also learned about the Coast Salish people and their culture, arts and customs.  She thanked our Rotary Club for a very enjoyable experience.  Sanni is pictured below with Jack Gallop, our club's Vocational Chair.  Good luck in the future Sanni!
The club had a fun-filled evening raising money for the Rotary Foundation!  The event was organized by our member Theresa who sang songs requested by the members so long as they pledged a donation to the Rotary Foundation.  Theresa was accompanied by her friend Carolyn on the piano.  The club sang along to their favourite Christmas songs and were treated to some delicious holiday baking by Rob C.  We raised $800 for the Foundation this evening.  Well done everyone and thanks for the entertainment Theresa!