Our Program this evening was Stephanie Staples.  Stephanie is a professional speaker who travels the continent giving inspirational talks. She has written a book (The Try Angle - A New Slant on Life) and is a wonderful storyteller.  She explained some of her strategies when on a speaking trip she will ask people on the plane about parts of their lives e.g. asking stewardess what is the most beautiful, kind, loving, heartfelt event they have witnessed. She also was on a grounded plane that was stuck due to lightning and asked a fellow passenger what he did.  He was a choir master and singer and  Stephanie asked the flight attendant if he could lead the plane in a three part harmony song.  Made everyone cheerful instead of complaining about the situation she has used the story at a number of her talks including asking the choir master to attend a Vancouver conference.   Everyone is looking for inspiration, building relationships.  If you're looking for a dynamic speaker, Stephanie is fantastic!