Our Latest News

Once again, our members are out manning the Salvation Army kettle this December.  The first day out was very successful and the weather was near perfect for December.  Pictured below is our newest member, Rob Whitehead and his lovely wife Erin starting their shift.  It looks like they were full of energy and Christmas spirit.  Here's to another successful year for the Salvation Army!  Thank you members!
Our speaker this evening was Dr. Andrea Tagliasacci, a scientist at the UNIVERSITY of VICTORIA.  Dr. Tagliasacci's specialty, and the topic of the presentation was SPATIAL COMPUTING , on 3-D SENSING REVOLUTION.  It was a fascinating presentation for everyone.  Thank you Doctor for sharing your knowledge with our members!
Our newest member Rob was installed on October 26, 2017 by Past District Governor (and club member) Jack MacAulay.  Congratulations and welcome to the club Rob!