Our Latest News

Dr. Robert Gifford is Professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria.   His main research interests are environmental psychology.  He has worked on nonverbal behavior and on climate change behavior barriers.  Dr. Gifford is an accomplished author.  Dr. Gifford's topic this evening was titled "The Dragons of Inaction - Why good intentions often do not lead to action and 7 ways to fix that."   For further information, please visit the website dragonsofinaction.com and diagnose your own fearsome dragons!  Thank you Dr. Gifford for a very interesting presentation!  
Pictured below is club President, Jack Gallop and Dr. Robert Gifford.


Our speaker this evening was George Klukowski, Executive Director of the Phoenix Human Services Association.  George spoke to our members about the services provided by Phoenix which include Community Living Services, Family and Children's Services as well as Mental Health Services.  They are a Not-for-Profit organization providing services to more than 1,000 children, youth, adults, parents, caregivers and families each year,  For further information, please visit their website at www.phoenixhumanservices.org .  Pictured below is George being thanked for his excellent presentation by President Jack.  
Tonight's speaker was Dr. Marjorie Moulton, Executive Director and Founder of We Rage, We Weep Alzheimer Foundation.   Arts & Alzheimer's is an art and music participation program for seniors with dementia living at home with their caregivers.  The program provides respite, encourages socialization, fights isolation and loneliness and supports aging in place.  For further information, please visit their website at www.werageweweep.com.  Thank you Dr. Moulton for your excellent presentation and the work you do in our community.  Pictured below is Dr. Moulton and Club President, Jack Gallop.